Incense cones 10pcs/pack


natural aromatic burn cone

use: rooms, veranda, porch, garden

burn time: approx. 20 minutes


Our Incense collection consists of a variety of the finest flowers, trees, herbs and natural ingredients, made in India. We have an amazing collection of fragrances and are sure to have one that suits your personal and individual needs.

Fragrances that fills, energize, freshens, lifts spirits, clears bad atmosphere & musquito repellent from your bedroom, garden/porch or yoga room, to relax body and mind, during meditation, reading of a book or just a quiet moment in your daily routine.

Great for imagination and inspiration in creative work.

Choose your INCENSE CONES pack, to start your journey to be relaxed …

Additional information


aloe vera, amber, anti stress, bharat darshan, cannabis, cinnamon, dragonblood, forest, jasmin, lavender, lotus, mandarine, myrrh, opium, patchouli, patchouli/musk, sandal, the moon


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