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General Terms & Conditions


1.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Beauty Inside Outs apply to all agreements and all juristic and other acts between Beauty Inside Outs and the customer, even if these juristic or other acts should not lead to, or are not related to, an Agreement. The general terms and conditions also apply to any and all use by the customer of the website.

1.2 Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the applicability of other General Terms and Conditions is excluded.

1.3 An individual Agreement may deviate from one or more provisions of the General Terms and Conditions in relation to the specific nature of that Agreement.


2.1 Every communication between Beauty Inside Outs and the customer may be conducted in electronic form excepting where stipulated otherwise in the General Terms and Conditions and/or the Agreement and/or by law.

2.2 The version of the message saved by Beauty Inside Outs will qualify as proof of the communication, baring evidence to the contrary produced by the customer.

2.3 Electronic communication is considered to have been received on the day of sending, unless the receiver of the communication can prove otherwise. The risk of the message not being received as the result of a delivery or accessibility problem relating to the customer`s e-mail box is borne by the customer, even if the e-mail box is hosted by a third party.


3.1 Beauty Inside Outs will ensure that the customer is provided with the General Terms and Conditions, in electronic or other form, prior to or upon conclusion of the Agreement. The customer is independently responsible for saving and printing the General Terms and Conditions and the Agreement as required, by means of the facilities to do so available on the website, and bears the responsibility for the accessibility of the copy saved.


4.1 Messages by Beauty Inside Outs on the website relating to the availability of products and/or services qualify as an invitation to make an offer. Every agreement is entered into under the suspensory condition of sufficient availability of the products and/or services in question. The agreement is entered into by virtue of Beauty Inside Outs’s confirmation of the customer`s order. The confirmation will be given electronically via the website and/or e-mail.


5.1 For the products and/or services ordered via the website, the customer will pay the price stated in the agreement, informed to the customer by mail or otherwise. Payment will be made in the manner specified by Beauty Inside Outs on the website or otherwise.

5.2 Prices are inclusive of ABB and other governmental levies. The prices stated on the website or otherwise and in advertising may be changed without prior notice. The price stated in the form is binding. If the price stated in the form is higher than the price stated elsewhere on the Beauty Inside Outs website at the moment the agreement is concluded, the customer is entitled to dissolve the agreement within two days after its conclusion.

5.3 Gift Vouchers issued by Beauty Inside Outs, are personal, non refundable and the property of Beauty Inside Outs. The gift vouchers are valid for a maximum of 6 months after the issue date. The personal gift voucher entitles the person to use it for one treatment appointment only, not in seperate treatments for different appointments. The gift voucher cannot be combined with the monthly offers, specials or discounts in any way.

5.4 The birthday present offered by Beauty Inside Outs is not refundable or transferable, and valid for a maximum of 2 months after your date of birth. The birthday present is intended to be used for one spa treatment appointment only, not in seperate spa treatments for different separate appointments. The birthday discount cannot be combined with other offers/specials or discounts.

5.5 Prices on Coupons are an one time introduction prices, non refundable and intended for one person only. The coupon may not be combined with other offers/specials or discounts.


6.1 Beauty Inside Outs will strive to deliver all placed orders within the period specified on the website. Beauty Inside Outs is in no way liable if delivery takes place at a specified later time.

6.2 In the event the delivery period and/or a term of thirty days is exceeded, the customer is entitled to undo the purchase.

6.3 Beauty Inside Outs is entitled to send purchases in partial deliveries.

6.4 Beauty Inside Outs will inform the customer as quickly as possible by e-mail and/or by telephone if a product proves to be no longer available. In consultation, Beauty Inside Outs will grant the customer the choice between another product for the amount paid and/or a full or partial refund of the purchase price.

6.4 Products sent by Beauty Inside Outs are insured until the moment of issue to the customer.

6.5 Orders not taken by the customer after three delivery attempts will be returned to Beauty Inside Outs. Beauty Inside Outs will treat a return shipment by the courier service as a standard return shipment by the customer. (see Article 8)

6.6 Any complaints relating to the state in which the products are delivered to the customer must be reported to Beauty Inside Outs by the customer within two business days after receipt, either by e-mail or by telephone.

6.7 Delivery period is 5 – 10 working days or time period agreed on, after payment is complete.


7.1 The customer is aware that Beauty Inside Outs will process the personal data of the customer. This data includes data on the customer`s activities on the website, such as pages visited, time spent on various elements of the web site, the URL of the web site from which the customer comes and the products or services the customer orders. Beauty Inside Outs will save this data in a database that will be used for the performance of the agreement, including steps to improve the provision of services to the customer and to provide information or offers to the customer.


8.1 Purchases from Beauty Inside Outs may be returned and/or exchanged for a period of seven business days after cancellation by e-mail.

8.2 Beauty Inside Outs will only accept returns of products in new, unused and unworn condition, with all original packaging labels.

8.3 The purchase prices excluding shipping costs to the customer will be refunded by deposit to the customer`s bank account within 10 business days after the receipt of the return shipment.


9.1 Beauty Inside Outs is under no circumstances liable for any indirect losses suffered by the customer or third parties, including consequential loss, loss of sales, loss of profit, loss of data and non-material losses relating to or resulting from the agreement or the use of the products or services.


10.1 Beauty Inside Outs is entitled to dissolve the agreement due to force majeure. Force majeure includes non-attributable failure of third parties or vendors engaged in the performance of the agreement, as well as any situation over which Beauty Inside Outs cannot exert any factual or decisive control.


11.1 The general terms and conditions and the agreement are governed by the law of the Dutch Caribbean.

11.2 The agreements between Beauty Inside Outs and the customer will be concluded in the English language, with the laws of the Dutch Caribbean applicable. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent court of Bonaire, lower Antilles, Caribbean.

Kralendijk, Bonaire 2010
Beauty Inside Outs Spa

*Standard Discounts, Service Fees, Terms & Conditions

Introduce a new client discount:

Every regular client (at least 2 visits a year) that introduces 1 paying customer at BIO, will receive a 10% discount on his/her next Spa treatment!

Birthday special:

As our regular client you receive a as present from us a free spa treatment. The birthday offer is valid for a max of 2 months.

Not regular & New clients / walk-ins  and tourists receive 10% as a birthday present from us. ID confirmation necessary.

Spa Membership with extra Credit:

With every $50 spend on our Spa Membership to use for your chosen Spa Treatments, you receive a $10 or 10 minutes extra credit.

Special first two months offer: We give away a $15 or 15 minutes credit for the first 2 months, to all of our new Spa Members. After the two months the regular credit is $10 again, for every $50 spend on the Spa Membership.

We have a Prepaid method only (1 months in advance), with a receipt with the amount of remaining Credits, every time you visit us for a Spa Treatment.


Tourists can get a short term Spa Membership & pay a week in advance, proof of short period staying necessary: plane ticket, accommodation, etc);

*Scheduling of your Spa Treatments appointments in advance is not necessary when paying for your Spa Membership. Just pay for your Spa Membership and schedule your appointments at your convenience, online appointment bookings are also possible.

Monthly payments:

To keep your Spa Membership valid, you have to pay your $50 Spa Membership, before the end of the month.

We also offer six months and one year advance payments, if that is your desire.

* You can also buy a Spa Membership as a gift;

* Or If you can’t finish for what ever reason the rest of your Spa Membership, you can transfer the leftover credit to another person (as is, where is). To do so, please contact us first, so we can arrange the transfer of the Spa Membership.

No limited max amount applicable to plan your Prepaid Spa Treatment plan.

VIP Spa Membership:

For $499 p/month, your receive a VIP Spa Membership.

This means you get all our offered Spa Treatments on our Spa Services Pricelist for FREE* 6 days a week from 9am till 6pm. Just one condition: you have to make a commitment to complete a 3 months VIP Spa Membership.

Discount on Spa Treatments planned for 2 people:

10% discount for all Spa Treatments that are planned for 2 or more people together*.

Teener Discount (12 – 17 yrs):

15% discount on all Spa treatments.


On Location Spa Service Fees:

Our location fee is $10 per location per visit. We offer only massages on location starting from 60 minutes. No discounts are provided for location Spa Services.

Please note that: specials, offers and discounts can not be combined!

* No discount is given on less than 60 minutes massages