All round BEAUTICIAN and Massage therapist at Beauty Inside Outs Spa

We are looking for a professional, dynamic, passionate and proactive all round Beautician and Massage Therapist to enforce our Spa Wellness team.

Job Description:

Beauticians and Massage Therapists are responsible for many aspects of amoung other personal skin care, massage therapy and they must be able to provide this care with understanding, knowledge, professionalism, integrety and courtesy.

Our Beauticians and Massage Therapists provide a wide range of high quality spa, wellness treatments, therapy & services that include the care of skin, body and nails. Our all round beautician’s and Massage Therpaist’s primary focus is on improving their client’s outward appearance and helping them to feel better about themselves in general.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties of a Beautician and Massage Therapist:

• Communicates with clients in order to provide the requested spa treatment/therapy services.

• Executes skin, body and nail care methods and massage therapy.

• Provides effective solutions for common issues of skin, body and nails.

• Sets appointments with clients and customers.

• Takes payments from clients and customers.

• Keeps work areas completely clean and sanitized.

• Restocks, if applicable shelves and supplies.

• Keeps records of each client and customer past visits.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Must have outstanding people skills in order to handle the specific needs of individual clients and customers.

• Should be highly creative and also have a firm understanding of tried-and-tested techniques that are still in use   today.

• Must possess physical stamina and must have the manual dexterity required to wield materials and implements.

• Must possess solid time-management and organizational skills as well as in-depth knowledge of various beauty products, their ingredients and how these ingredients can affect the clients.

• Must be able to present a calm and pleasant demeanor to clients in spite of any personal problems.

• Must be capable of tactfully and respectfully dealing with rude, difficult and unreasonable clients.

Additional required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities prefered that are also an advantage:

• Must have basic Make-Up artist skills, and knowledge of atleast one brand of make-up products.

• Knowledge of Basic cosmetic Manicure and Pedicure processes.

Education and Experience:

• Must have a Beautician diploma at (vocational/associate degree  level – MBO-3 or 4 level) or equivalent as well as a certificate confirming the completion of evt. a cosmetology and Massage Therapy program.

• Atleast 1 year of work experience as a Beautician and Massage Therapist.

• Hands-on training necessary as part of a certificate program as well as on-the-job training.

• Must be licensed in order to practice.

• Other spa or wellness related certificates.

Additional requirements:

• previous 2 jobs references.

• proof of good conduct of last 5 years.


Primarly English and Papiamentu

Secondly Dutch and Spanish

Work Environment:

• Time will be spent working in spa setting.

• Majority of time will be spent on foot, working with people on a daily basis.

• Must expect to work reasonable long hours and even weekends, resting times at least 1,5 hours, depending on schedule, available work time between 9am and 6pm. Appointments are between 8am to 8pm

• Must expect to work under a temporary contract of one year, at first.

• May be on call to fill the roles of other team members who are unable to report for duty.

• May be asked to make house calls, spa treatment services on location.


Monetary compensation based on skill and experience level

Interested in a job in an dynamic environment? send your application & cv to: